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Strong, Open-minded, Reliable
Founded in 1948, Uhlmann has been a trendsetter for pharmaceutical packaging
for almost 70 years. Our leadership position worldwide is chiefly ascribed to one :
your trust in the excellence of our team. Strong, open-minded, and reliable: these
attributes characterize us, and that is how you should experience us and our

Main product: Blister machine, Cartoner, Bottle line, Pharmaceutical, Track & Trace, Aggregation, Serialization

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Cremer Speciaalmachines B.V.是一家荷蘭公司,專門從事產品計數和包裝系統的開發和製造。自1949年成立以來,Cremer已成為全球製藥,農業,糖果,食品和非食品行業計數和包裝系統的領先製造商。毫無疑問,Cremer是計數和包裝行業中最知名的品牌。憑藉在荷蘭設立的總部銷售和服務辦事處以及遍布全球的廣泛分銷商和代理商網絡,Cremer現在是一家擁有140多名合格專業員工的全球性公司。 Cremer在各種產業別都有廣泛的知識。結合我們在機械,電子和軟件領域的新開發技術,Cremer都能夠提供適合客戶且準確度100%的解決方案。憑藉著累積多年的交鑰匙(Turn-Key)專案經驗,Cremer深得全球客戶的信賴與支持。

Your packaging partner
Cremer Speciaalmachines B.V. is a Dutch company specialised in developing and manufacturing product counting and packaging systems. Since its foundation in 1949 Cremer has become the leading manufacturer of counting and packaging systems for the pharmaceutical, agricultural, confectionery, food and non-food industries all over the world. Cremer is, without a doubt, the most proclaimed name in the counting and packaging industry. With the head sales and service offices established in Holland and an extensive network of distributors and agents around the world, Cremer is nowadays a worldwide company with over 140 qualified and specialized employees.

Cremer has a divers and wide knowledge of many industries. Combined with our newly developed technologies in the fields mechanics, electronics and software enables Cremer to offer a suitable counting solution with a 100% accuracy. With a long track record of turn key projects Cremer has proven to be a reliable and anticipating partner to its customers.

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    主要產品: 隱形眼鏡、化妝品、消費品的泡殼包裝機專家

不斷增長的醫療技術產品市場 - 身為經驗豐富的包裝機械生產商,每一次客戶需求

主要產品: 隱形眼鏡、化妝品、消費品的泡殼包裝機

Your expert for custom packaging solutions
Across all industries worldwide there is a growing demand for custom solutions
designed to ensure the safe and suitable packaging of the most diverse products.
Whether in the consumer and industrial goods industry, the cosmetics and
personal care sector, or in the burgeoning market for medical products, the
seasoned packaging machine experts at KOCH Pac-Systeme offer packaging
solutions tailored to meet every need.

Main production: Blister machine for contact lenses, cosmetics and consumer


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Groninger這個名字代表著在醫藥和化妝品產業專用設備的創新,高品質和優質的服務,從39多年前開始,我們便不斷地向廣大客戶證明著這一點。以客戶為本不僅僅意味著滿足客戶的需求,更重要是的我們通過研究和開發,積極面對未來的挑戰,並提供創新性的解決方案 - 這正是對我們的企業理念“我們將憧憬變為鮮活的現實”的最好詮釋。從全球各地超過7500台設備中所積累的豐富經驗,確保了我們的客戶能擁有可靠的生產流程與卓越的產品質量。

主要產品: 醫藥和化妝品的充填機
Innovation is our standard

Groninger, the name stands for innovation, quality and service in the design of customized machines for the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics and Consumer Healthcare industry. We have proven it to our customers for 39 years. Customer focus for us is more than simply meeting the requirements of our customers. It is our goal to meet the challenges of the future through research and development and to offer innovative solutions – fulfilling our company philosophy "We fill Visions with Life". Our experience since more than 39 years, guarantees safe production processes and excellent results for our customers.

Main production: Filling and Closing Machine  


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主要產品: 打錠機和膠囊充填機

Efficiency for tablet manufacturing

Fette Compacting is the world’s leading provider of integrated solutions for the transformation of powder into tablets. As a technological and global market leader, the company specializes in high-performance machines for the pharmaceutical industry. The company’s head office and global control center is in Schwarzenbek near Hamburg. Fette is represented across the globe in more than 40 and is the only manufacturer of tablet presses, operating a dedicated global competence network with fully-equipped and interactively-networked competence centers in Germany, the USA, Brazil, India and China. Here customers are trained and can perform compression tests together with our experts.

Main production: Tablet Presses and Capsule Filling Machines


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全球序列化以及追蹤追溯任務正在迅速的發展中。當外部因素(例如法規變更和新的合作夥伴需求)與內部系統更新和業務流程變更發生衝 突時,您的合規解決方案必須足夠靈活,以適應快速變化並確保持可用性的狀態。 TraceLink Life Sciences Cloud是唯一能夠將整個藥品供應鏈數字化的專業解決方案,以幫助藥品製造商、分銷商、醫院和藥房滿足每個地域 市場中現有和新興的法規。我們的網路利用Amazon Web Services上的現代技術,以管理每天數十億筆交易的規模需求,在法規發生變化或 行業標準更新時,及時提供軟件更新,並應對前所未有的法規要求下的貿易夥伴合作或數據交換。

⦁ 整合一次,與所有人互通:為企業之間提供一個數據交換平台。 (L4+L5)
⦁ 即時和無限制地與28萬以上的貿易夥伴連接。
⦁ 即時的軟件更新確保準時進入所有全球市場。
⦁ 創新的數據轉換:簡化數據集成,可實現靈活的數據交換。
⦁ 與第三方系統(ERP/WMS/LMS/政府系統)的現成集成,簡化配置。
⦁ 合規性要求的自動驗證:消除快速更新時的技術風險,確保符合GxP。
⦁ 實時了解供應鏈運作,以提高產品召回、驗證、產品趨勢等的效率。

The only end-to end digital supply network for life sciences

Global serialization and track and trace mandates are evolving at a rapid pace. When external forces-such as regulatory changes and new trade partner demands collide with internal system updates and changes to business processes , your compliance solution must be flexible enough to adapt to change quickly and ensure a state of continuous availability. TraceLink Life Sciences Cloud is the only purpose-built solution that digitizes the entire pharmaceutical supply chain–from end-to-end –to help drug manufacturers, distributors, hospitals and pharmacies meet existing and emerging regulation is every geographic market. Our network utilizes modern technologies on Amazon Web Service to manage the scale demands of billions of transaction daily, provide timely software updates whenever there is a regulatory change or industry standards update, and handle the unprecedented level of trade partner collaboration and data exchange that is required by law.

TraceLink provides:
⦁ Integrate Once ,Interoperate with Everyone : Provide a data exchange platform for enterprises. (L4+L5)
⦁ Instant and unlimited connectivity to more than 281,000+ trade partners.
⦁ Rapid deployment of new software to make sure on-time access to all global markets.
⦁ Innovative data translation simplify the integration for flexible information exchange.
⦁ Simplifying out-of-the-box integrations with third-party systems- ERP,WMS, LMS, edge, and government system.
⦁ Automated validation that meeting GxP compliance requirements.
⦁ Gaining real-time visibility into supply chain operations for more efficient recalls, verification, product trends, and more.


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L.B. Bohle


L.B. Bohle 為德國的領先製藥專用設備供應商。我們的產品以至高的品質和可靠性脫穎而出。 產品效率的提高是L.B. Bohle的核心優勢。為此,我們提供完整的生產工廠和單個生產步驟的解決方案。其基礎是快速開發和生產複雜、實用和客製化的應用程序。 除了您固體製藥機器的開發、設計和生產,我們還提供全方位的服務。

主要產品: 混合機、膜衣機、翻轉裝置 & 儲存桶、乾濕造粒機、秤重 & 分配。

L.B. Bohle is a German leading provider of special machines for the pharmaceutical industry. Our products stand out with their unlimited high product quality and reliability. Product efficiency increase is the central benefit of L.B. Bohle. To this end, we offer both complete production plants and solutions for individual production steps. The basis for this is fast development and production of sophisticated, pragmatic, and customized applications. In addition to the development, design, and production of machines for your pharmaceutical solids production, we offer comprehensive services on all levels.

Main products: Blending, Tablet coating, Handling systems & containers, Wet & dry granulation, Weighing & dispensing


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Krämer AG成立至今已有45年以上的歷史,已實施多項專利。目標是不斷完善自己,以滿足日益增長的個性化客戶需求。機器以高品質、可靠性和耐用性為特點。只有高素質的員工才能做到這一點,他們支持並體現了公司的理念。這使Krämer成為一家獨特的公司,成為您的完美合作夥伴。除了標準解決方案外,還專門提供客製化的解決方案,並很樂意為您提供建議和支持。

主要產品: 錠劑除粉機及膠囊拋光機。

Krämer AG has been in existence for more than 45 years and has implemented several patents. It is their goal to constantly improve ourselves to meet the increasing number of individual customer requirements. Machines are characterized by high quality, reliability and durability. This is only possible with highly qualified personnel, who support and exemplify this company philosophy. This makes Krämer a unique company and the perfect partner for you. In addition to our standard solutions, we have also specialized in individual solutions and are happy to assist you with advice and support.

Main production: Deduster and Capsule Polisher


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WIPOTEC-OCS 是提供您高性能、製程和以客戶為導向的秤重和檢測解決方案的 可靠合作夥伴。在動態秤重技術和產品管控領域作為世界領先的企業,WIPOTEC- OCS 代表著“德國製造”的卓越製造品質、最高的靈活性和豐富的領域能力。

主要產品: 重量選別機、X光及光學檢測機

WIPOTEC-OCS is your dependable partner for high performance, process and customer-orientated weighing and inspection solutions. As one of the world's leading businesses for dynamic weighing technology and product control, WIPOTEC- OCS stands for outstanding manufacturing quality "Made in Germany", the highest flexibility and profound sector competence.

Main production:Checkweigher, X-Ray and Vision